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Conference Tables


Woodpecker Enterprises: Custom Conference Table - Maple & Mahogany
5’ x 19’ EXECUTIVE CONFERENCE TABLE: Ebonized mahogany field and solid edge band with slip matched heavy bird's-eye maple border. (3) Tapered ebonized mahogany panel bases with rail substructure.

Client: Fennerbesque, Clark, Swindell & Hay, Attorneys at Law
Design: Odell Associates

Woodpecker Enterprises: Custom Conference, Boardroom, Video Conferencing Table - Cherry
16’ x 7’ CHERRY VIDEOCONFERENCE TABLE: Figured cross grain cherry with ebony line inlay. Table is outfitted with surface microphones and power / com connectivity in the aprons. This table has a rubbed lacquer finish.
14’ x 9’ CURVED CHERRY MEDIA WALL with Crestron controlled vertically operable motorized doors that reveal a SmartBoard display and adjacent racks of A/V conferencing equipment. We specialize in designing operable media walls to integrate technology with style.

Client: Duke Corporate Education
Design: Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: IBM Briefing Table
SEMICIRCULAR EXECUTIVE BRIEFING TABLE: Figured cherry with ebony line inlay, surface mounted microphones and apron mounted power / com connectivity.
Behind the table we finished a curved ramp with curved cherry handrail, curved laminated glass set in a spiraling aluminum shoe and Absolute black granite newel posts.

Client: IBM
Design: Gene Beckwit / Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Modular Conference Tables
30” x 66” MODULAR EXECUTIVE BRIEFING TABLES: Matching maple with ebony inlay, black powder coat metal legs and maple modesty panels. These tables are re-configurable into various arrangements. IBM came to us with a requirement for 125 tables, including a curved version for tiered lecture halls, to be delivered in time for their opening in six weeks. We met the deadline by outsourcing 6 manufacturing processes to separate shops committed to IBM’s timetable and quality requirements.

Client: IBM
Design: Gene Beckwit / Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Cherry Racetrack Conference Table - Law Firm
3’ x 7’ CHERRY RACETRACK TABLE: Cherry field with solid cherry segmented fingernail edge. Ebony inlay with maple diamonds at line intersections. (6) Ebonized mahogany diamond pattern legs.
CREDENZA: cherry with ebonized mahogany center file drawer section.

Client: Kuniholm Law Firm
Design: Jane Walden

Woodpecker Enterprises: Custom Boardroom Table
30’ x 18’C-SHAPED OAK BOARDROOM TABLE: Top constructed of slip matched rift sawn red oak with segmented solid quartered red oak bullnose edge. Panel base supports held rigid by steel sub-top support system.

Client: NC Biotechnology Center
Design: John Morris

Woodpecker Enterprises: Custom Boardroom Table (Detail)
DETAIL OF OAK BOARDROOM TABLE: Sometimes the simplest designs can have the most pleasing effect. Here the slip matched rift oak flitches are taper cut to the radial lines of the curve.

Client: NC Biotechnology Center
Design: John Morris

Woodpecker Enterprises: Oak Video Conferencing Table
OAK VIDEOCONFERENCE TABLE: 6 Person table with solid walnut table edge and walnut base panels.

Client: Bank of America
Design: Ed Starr

Woodpecker Enterprises: Traditional Mahogany Conference Table
4’ x 13’ TRADITIONAL MAHOGANY CONFERENCE TABLE: Figured mahogany field with rosewood and satinwood inlay bands separated by holly and ebony line inlays. Solid mahogany reeded edge. Panel bases.

Client: Price Waterhouse
Design: Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Mahogany Conference Table - Quintiles
18’ x 7’ MAHOGANY CONFERENCE TABLE with solid mahogany & ebony edge band, quartered mahogany border, Avonite band and crotch mahogany center field. Clover leaf base and Avonite bullnose shoe.
20’ MAHOGANY MEDIA WALL with bi-folding pocket doors and Avonite counter surface.
6’ MAHOGANY CREDENZA with Avonite top & bull nose shoe.

Client: Quintiles Transnational
Design: Angela Bradfield, Jane Dark, Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Custom Conference Table with Granite Border
24’ x 7’ BOAT SHAPED EXECUTIVE CONFERENCE TABLE: Mahogany with Ubatuba granite border and a block mottle figure anigre center field. This unusual cut of anigre has exceptional visual depth and was lightly stained to complement the mahogany.
19’ x 8’CONFERENCE ROOM WALL UNIT: Mahogany with arched center section and block mottle anigre door panels.

Client: Quintiles
Design: Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Maple Conference Table - Quintiles
17’ x 7’ MAPLE CONFERENCE TABLE with heavy bird's eye maple field, fiddle back maple border, ebony line inlays and solid maple two tiered edge band, separated by black nylon spacers.
20’ MODULAR MAPLE CONFERENCE ROOM WALL UNIT with bi-fold pocketing doors, halogen lit intersecting glass display cubes and ebonized detailing.
BOW FRONT MAPLE MEDIA LECTERN, housing monitor, VCR, document camera, room controller, and computer.
6’ x 22” MAPLE CREDENZA with ebonized detailing.

Client: Quintiles
Design: Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Octagonal Mahogany Boardroom Table
19’ x 14’ OCTAGONAL MAHOGANY BOARDROOM TABLE: Rare quilted mahogany field with ebony line inlay and solid mahogany step-round bullnose edge. Shown with end filler top panel removed and edgeband cap plates in place. Faux granite columns on turned mahogany bases.
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LECTURN: Motorized mahogany height adjustable lectern shown behind table, to the left. Quilted mahogany diamond panel detail on upper section.

Client: Smith Breeden Associates, Inc.
Design: Ramsey Terhune

Woodpecker Enterprises: Quilted Maple Conference Table
16’ x 6’ QUILTED MAPLE CONFERENCE TABLE: Lunstead metal field, quilted maple border, ebony line inlay, solid maple beveled edge and ebonized apron with power / com outlets. (3) Trapezoidal maple bases with Lunstead metal and ebonized trim.
6’ CREDENZA: Lunstead metal top, banded with solid maple beveled edge. Quilted maple doors, ebonized mahogany “fin” and back plate.

Client: Martin & Jones Trial Lawyers
Design: Ramsey Terhune


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